Why My Social Media Fast Did More Harm Than Good

Over the last couple months, I found myself taking an unplanned hiatus from social media. It just kind of happened. I stopped blogging, posting on Instagram, and updating Facebook. In fact, I barely even hung out my friends during that time. I basically hibernated and “focused on life.”

I hadn’t even realized my  lack of digital presence until yesterday. I opened up Instagram to look for some inspirational edits I’d made a long time ago. As I was scrolling, I noticed that I’ve barely posted anything lately, and then something clicked in my head: Maybe this is why I’ve been feeling so off lately.

Now, I know that’s kind of backwards. Social media often gets a bad wrap, and taking breaks from it has become a trend. How often do we scroll through our Facebook newsfeed and see that “I’m leaving social media; text me if you’re actually my friend” post? It’s everywhere. Many people believe that taking a break from social media will give them peace and clarity and allow them to live their lives better. So why did it have the opposite effect on me?

I’ve thought about it long and hard, and I think I finally got it. During my hibernation and “focusing on life” time, all I’ve really been doing is working, stressing about work, going through the motions of day-to-day life, wasting away in front of the TV, and then getting a glimpse of sunshine on the days that I get to spend with my fiancé.

All the monotony makes me lose my creative spark, and social media is usually my outlet for that creativity. Whether it’s framing the perfect Instagram picture or composing a blog post, I yearn to create. When that part of me is suppressed, life simply gets dull.

And let me tell you, life’s been pretty interesting lately; I’ve had some sacredly sweet high moments, and some of the darkest lows that I’ve ever faced. I haven’t been able to find the right words for those moments yet, but when I do, I’ll share them in the hope that somebody out there needs to hear them.

I guess all of this is to say that I’m back, Internet. I’m getting back into the swing of things and I’m taking my joy back. Life is good, and we’re allowed to be happy.



2 thoughts on “Why My Social Media Fast Did More Harm Than Good

  1. I think most people don’t know how to use social media.

    Scrolling through Facebook’s newsfeed or being on Twitter mostly leads you to crap. These sites’ content is mostly crap. But Facebook can be great for keeping in touch with people, following events and so on. I use this site for barely two minutes a day and I’m satisfied with it.

    More specific platforms like Tumblr, blogging sites or DeviantArt are excellent. They allow to search for content and it’s easier to find quality.


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