Living your own story

Yesterday afternoon I sat down for a meeting with the editor-in-chief of my school’s newspaper. We’re putting out a new issue next week, so I assumed that we were just going to be discussing the articles that I have to write. Instead, the first words out of her mouth were, “Your articles at the end of last semester were very low quality.” And for a solid five minutes she proceeded to tell me how disappointed she was in me and how I am capable of more. I sat there across the table from her, trying not to cry, and I thought I was being fired.

I apologized for my poor articles and we moved on to discussing the next issue of the paper. After the meeting I stepped outiside into the frozen New York air and my first thought was, “I guess the Kimmis of this world will always be pushed around by the Nikkis of this world.” That is, the meek, shy people will be looked down upon by the outspoken, take-charge people.

But, this is my story and that’s not how I want it to go.

I’m venting, but I’m not just venting. I think a lot of us have these little experiences when we realize that we have a choice in how we respond, and our responses to everyday situations shape us into the person that we want to become.

Each of us has our own story that we live daily. Every day we have the power to make the next chapter better than the previous one. We can grow and change, we can respond to others with love and grace, and we can answer the challenges that life throws at us with boldness.

I think that the best part of living our own stories is the fact that we can choose who we want to be. My hope is that we all choose to be the best versions of ourselves, rather than trying to be like someone else. Embrace the beautiful parts of yourself while recognizing that you have room to grow in some areas.

Break out of your shell, love yourself, and take control of your story.

And, to be fair to my editor, my articles really did suck.

One thought on “Living your own story

  1. Don’t worry – I’m sure introverts grow up more quickly (there – there little extrovert, I know your delicate little ego couldn’t possibly accept being ‘wrong’ or merely an opinion, so we’ll just have to meander round for you).


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