Staying sane in the new year

There’s always a lot of hype around this time of year. We set goals to lose weight, have more money, and be nice. Essentially, we are trying to be better people, as if the person you were this year wasn’t good enough.

I’d like to propose that we are good enough. In 2014 we’ve all accomplished great things, met some goals, broke some resolutions, experienced some truly great moments, and went through some hardships. We are awesome human beings.

Sure, there are some changes that we’d like to make in order to enhance our lives, but I encourage you to be realistic. Don’t set a “new year’s resolution” to lose forty pounds by summertime. Resolutions like that are nearly impossible to keep.

Make lifestyle changes, not resolutions.

If you want to see improvement and enhance your quality of life, make little lifestyle changes instead of huge resolutions. Try to replace a cookie with a banana once a week. When your co-workers get on your nerves, take a few deep breaths instead of saying that snarky comment. Slowly develop a routine that will bring you towards your ultimate goal.

2014 is almost over. Hold onto your precious memories and throw the rest of the garbage away. Don’t get caught up in making crazy resolutions, just be true to yourself and start the new year with fresh eyes and an optimistic heart.

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