Day 5: You look tired

“You look tired.” – Pretty Much Everyone Who Has Seen Me Today


I would be offended if this wasn’t the last week of classes and I wasn’t so tired that I’m quickly losing my mind.

But we all look tired this week, so it’s okay.

Seriously, when I started out on this no-makeup adventure the “you look tired” comment was what I was expecting most, so it was bound to happen. I was also expecting the “are you sick” comment, but luckily I haven’t gotten that one yet.

For some reason wearing makeup is the cultural norm today, and if you’re not wearing makeup either you are a nonconformist hippie or you aren’t feeling well.

Today I did not care one bit that I’m not wearing makeup. It’s probably partly due to the fact that I’m too busy and stressed out with school to care. Like I said yesterday, I’m starting to feel more comfortable in my own skin.

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