Day 4: Nobody Actually Cares

Today I realized that nobody really cares whether or not you are wearing makeup. It was day four of wearing no makeup and people seem to be treating me exactly the same as they do when I am wearing makeup. I mean, sure, I’m not getting compliments like “OMG you look like [insert any female brown-haired celebrity here],” but that’s fine.

I think it’s important to grasp the fact that no one really notices and no one really cares what every detail of your face looks like. Earlier today my own mother said, “I didn’t even notice you weren’t wearing makeup until I read your blog. You look exactly the same; I just assumed you were wearing makeup.”

I think the only one who really notices I’m not wearing makeup is me. Okay, my fiance noticed and told me I’m beautiful, but that doesn’t count because he’s supposed to say things like that.

I guess wearing makeup is just something that I’m so used to doing that I feel strange without it on. I notice the difference and I feel plain without my makeup on. I feel plain, but I’m starting to not feel so insecure as well.

Instead of “Oh no, I’m not wearing makeup and people are going to think I look so ugly,” my thought process today was more like, “I’m not wearing makeup and that’s fine. I might look a little different than I usually do, but I’m still me. You is kind, you is smart, and you is important.”

This change of attitude is probably due to the apathy that’s been setting in as this semester comes to a close, but instead I’d like to think it’s because I’m gaining self-confidence.

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