Day 3: Self Expression

This morning I faced a dilemma as I put on a red shirt and immediately reached for my red lipstick. You see, I have about ten different shades of red lipstick and whenever I wear red I like to match my lips to my shirt. And then it dawned on me: makeup is more than just a mask; it’s a form of self-expression.

Coincidentally, I found this video on Buzzfeed a few hours ago:

Generations of women have turned to makeup to express themselves and showcase their personal style, and it’s beautiful.

Without makeup, I’ve been turning to other means of self expression this week. I’ve been paying more attention to my nails, jewelry, and accessories to visually show my personality and to pull my outfits together.

I am so loving my Jamberry nails!

Another thought that occurred to me today is that when you’re not wearing makeup, your inner beauty becomes much more important. For example, it’s the week before finals and everyone is exhausted and stressed out. I’ve been averaging about four hours of sleep the last few nights. I can’t use makeup to cover up how tired I look, so I have to try to keep a positive attitude and a smile on my face in order to look like an approachable human being.

The same is true every day of our lives. Your inner beauty is what defines you as a person. It is your inner beauty that draws people to you and makes them want to stick around. When you radiate light and joy, other people can feel it.

I encourage you to spend more time focusing on your inner beauty rather than your outer beauty today; be kind and loving towards people. 🙂

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