Day 2: Facing the world

Today, day number two of my makeup-free week, I decided to be a big girl and take off my glasses. I went to work with nothing but a smile on my face, and everything went fine. Customers chit-chatted with me just as much as usual, I still made a lot of sales, and nobody said anything about my naked face.
But I still felt ugly.
I felt ugly, plain, and rather ordinary. When I got home from work I cuddled with my fat cat and wondered why I felt so ugly and dull. This is my face, the face God gave me, and I felt ashamed of it. And then I heard a thought like a gentle whisper saying “You are beautiful.”

I run an inspirational account on Instagram where I make edits with scriptures or quotes on them. Today I posted the message “you are beautiful” to my followers and the response was somewhat overwhelming. I don`t think that we are reminded enough of the fact that we are beautiful.
God made us in His image; He made us exactly the way He wanted us to look. Our “imperfections,” our freckles, bug eyes, awkward noses, unruly hair, are beautiful to our Creator. When He sees you, He sees all of the little things that make you you.
You are beautiful.

And here is a picture of my cat.


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