Day One: Anxious

A conversation I had with myself this morning:

“Can’t I at least wear foundation?”


“Not even just a tinted powder?”

“Absolutely not, you wimp. You can do this.”

And I did.

Today was my first day without makeup and I was nervous. I work in the customer service department at a grocery store, which basically involves talking to strangers all day long. During my drive to work this morning all I could think was, “Oh my gosh, everybody is going to notice that my face is naked and they’re all going to judge me.”

But actually, no one noticed.

To be honest, I kind of cheated. I wore my glasses today (I almost never wear them) solely because I thought they would cover up the fact that there was no makeup on my eyes. And fortunately, I was right.

So here are some facts about myself that I was forced to deal with today:

  1. I have gigantic green eyes. I always thought that they were sort of pretty until this kid started calling me “Froggy” in middle school. He was a fat jerk. But anyway, my eyes just seem too large and obnoxious when they’re not surrounded by makeup.
  2. I have very pale skin. When I wear black clothes I look like a vampire. Not wearing foundation makes me look even whiter than usual.
  3. I have crazy, rosy cheeks. I have never needed to wear blush because of this fact. However, without being tempered by foundation, the red starts to take over my face.
  4. I have to learn to embrace these facts, or else I’m going to lose my mind this week.

And here are two very nice perks of not wearing makeup that I’ve discovered:

  1. Getting ready is so much easier without having to put on makeup. It only took me roughly sixty seconds to get ready for work this morning.
  2. I don’t have to worry about taking all of my makeup off before I go to bed tonight.

So I was very anxious about not wearing makeup today, but it didn’t turn out to be a very big deal. I had some moments of insecurity whenever I remembered that there was no makeup on my face, but I survived. I’m starting to think that this week might not actually be so bad.

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